Sunday, July 09, 2006

Photos For All?

Fishing Boat
Originally uploaded by chris_wilson.
Can we move from BytesForAll to PhotosForAll? (Alongside is Chris Wilson's photo from Africa, thanks to his page.

Please see PhotosForAll: Looking at the unseen face of our planet... which is at
this URL.

Earlier called PhotosForDevelopment, but now have had it's name changed to reflect wider coverage beyond just India. Please feel free to join this network, share your (suitable) photos there, and copy ones which you would like to from here.

Thanks to all those who offered their early support: Chris Wilson who wrote, "Nice idea, but why only India? I have some photos from the recent Aidworld trip to Ghana at which people
working in development (especially in Africa) might be interested in, all under Creative Commons license."

And also: jeansack2004 who wrote, "This is an excellent initiative for IT in Development. I hope that this site will also welcome photos with adequate metadata labels from the SARC region: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka all have wonderful It initiatives to encourage development in a variety of communities. How are these photos being indexed for searchability? One problem is that professional photographers may not chose to post their pictures for free use. Another huge photo library in health and development is available from Johns Hopkins University Center for Communications Programs. Your group might remind bytesforall readers of this repository that includes communications programmes around the world. Here is the link to their July newsletter: "

There are 56 photos there at the moment, but we hope to scale up. Certainly looks do-able.