Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tongue to Fingers: Colonizing IT in a Postcolonial World

Sayamindu Dasgupta <> of Kolkata recently announced that he had updated a PDF version of this lecture with an unusual title -- Tongue to Fingers: Colonizing IT in a Postcolonial World.

It was a lecture given to the Refresher Course for teachers of Applied Psychology in Calcutta University by Dipankar Das

You can download it from

A quote: "Not that there is no way out. GNU/Linux is there. That gives a totally fully-armed laboratory to go on experimenting and working, and thus knowing what a computer actually is. But so few takers remain there. Because, as we said, the enemy resides within. It is a culture of dwarfs that is deliberately generated. A culutre that is pursued by the parents: that is us, dwarfing our own children. The process of dwarfing starts with the replacement of language on the Command Prompt by a picture and a mouse-click. It goes on. Take away the shell, the Operating System. And then take away all the programming languages. Just job-doing remains. It serves the postcolonial project.Closequote.